Bruno Selimaj

Bruno Selimaj was born and raised in a small village on the Northern Albanian/Montenegrin border and began his life as simple farmer. At the age of 18 and with his parents blessing, he embarked on a journey to America in search of new life.

Upon arriving in America in the early 1970’s, and without any knowledge of the English language, he convinced a close friend to secure him a job at New York’s famous Nani’s Restaurant.  After working at several restaurants over the course of 5 years, Bruno had become one of New York’s best known restaurant Captains, catering to needs of patrons like Sofia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor & Telly Savalis.  

With a leap of faith and an undisputable knowledge of the restaurant industry, Bruno turned his dream of opening his own establishment into a reality in October 1978.  Bruno Restaurant, a Northern Italian style restaurant, opened with incredible reviews and quickly became a celebrity hang out for the who’s who of New York politics, Wall Street, and society.  Bruno and his team of friends, family, and loyal staff became restaurant celebrities overnight and entertained the likes of movie stars,  Presidents, heads of state, diplomats, writers, actors and scholars all of whom flocked to his restaurant nightly to savor the food and enjoy Bruno Selimaj's legendary venue. 

In an Albanian household, it is tradition that a guest is treated with the utmost respect and as a member of the family. Bruno brought these core family values to his restaurant and Bruno Selimaj’s life defines true restaurant hospitality.

To bring in the New Year, in January 2008 Bruno started the transformation of his legendary brownstone to become Club A Steakhouse. He closed his renowned restaurant after 30 years with a new idea and a continuing passion to strive to be the best.  He re-opened the restaurant as Club A, a modern American steakhouse in the same location on April 10, 2008. With this new venture he has managed to encompass his old world traditions with a modern flare.
His latest accomplishment has continued to give Bruno the recognition as one of New York’s legendary restaurateurs.

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Reduced parking at Icon on 58th between 1st and 2nd ave.
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